WISE Program for Nano-Precision Medicine, Science, and Technology
HaKaSe+ for WISE
SPRING Project for Doctoral Talents in Creating Novel Values
HaKaSe+ for SPRING
BOOST Project for Trailblazing AI Crossover Doctoral Talents
HaKaSe+ for BOOST
Preliminary Selection of Kanazawa University Strategic Project for Development of Doctoral Students and Research Promotion
Preliminary Selection of HaKaSe+

HaKaSe+ is a project to select excellent doctoral students and encourage a wide range of their activities in the future to enable Kanazawa University to nurture doctoral students who will be capable of innovating in Japan and the rest of the world.
HaKaSe+ provides various programs that lead to profound knowledge beyond the students’ specific academic fields, building their careers and supporting their futures beyond obtaining a doctorate, as well as extensive financial support for students driven to face the challenges of creating new knowledge by extending the depth of their scientific perspectives, thus leading to major advances in society.
In addition, HaKaSe+ encourages students to go on to doctoral courses. Students enrolling in the Master’s Level Section of Integrated Course / Master’s Course, who hope to play an active role after obtaining a doctoral degree and pledge to go on to the Doctoral Level Section of Integrated Course of KU are selected as “preliminary awardees,” thus broadening their opportunities for obtaining a doctoral degree.

Ha Ka Se+